Our beginners course is run over 4 sessions and will take you from having never shot before to being certificated to shoot at any Archery GB affiliated club in the UK.

Each session is around 2 hours long, and you’ll spend most of that shooting.  We normally run the beginners courses at our outdoor location on Saturday mornings.

We like to make it as enjoyable as possible, so you won’t be sat learning endless theory before getting to shoot!

Over the weeks, you will learn:

Week 1:

  • Parts of the Bow and Archery terms
  • How to be safe on the range – rules to know
  • How to stand, hold, draw and shoot.

Week 2:

  • How to use sights
  • How to put your bow together and take it back down
  • Improving technique

Week 3:

  • Different Bow types (Longbow, Compound, Horsebow, Flatbow)
  • Setting up targets/stands
  • Introduction to Scoring

Week 4:

  • Improving your shooting
  • Scoring (continued)
  • Joining the club/Archery GB

At the end of the course, you will be presented with a certificate of completion that certifies that you have been trained to shoot safely and competently on any Archery GB range.

If you’re interested in joining our beginners course, please drop us a line via the Contact Us form on the main page!